Emergencies - dialling 111 in New Zealand

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111 is the New Zealand emergency number - make sure to use the appropriate emergency number in other countries.

Dialling 111 (New Zealand emergency number)

Dial 111 from any phone if you need medical help in an emergency.

You can call this emergency number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Can I dial 111 from a mobile phone?

Dial 111 from your mobile phone if you need medical help in an emergency. 

You can also dial 111 even if you have a pre-paid mobile phone, and you have run out of airtime. You will still be connected.

What if I have impaired hearing?

Phone 0800 161616 (text phone only) or fax 0800 161610 if you have impaired hearing.

How to use the 111 service

  • phone 111
  • ask for an ambulance
  • keep calm and be clear
  • tell them where you are
  • tell them who you are and the phone number of the address you are calling from
  • tell them what has happened

Please don't hang up until the operator says you can

Teach everyone in your family, your children, visitors and babysitters, how to use the 111 service properly.

If your house is difficult to find, leave a note with your full address written out clearly and include any special instructions if access is difficult. Display this by the telephone.

Information to help make sure the ambulance gets to you as quickly as possible includes:

  • the name of the nearest cross street to your house
  • details of road signs, landmarks, road works or any other special features near your house - this is particularly useful if you live in a rural area or on a long road with no cross streets nearby

See the St John website for more information.

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