About Starship Foundation

About Starship Foundation

The Starship Foundation is a social-profit organisation that raises funds so Starship Children's Health can better care for its young patients.

The Starship Foundation's vision is to create opportunities that enrich the health of every young New Zealander.

Thanks to the amazing support of Starship from all over New Zealand, and around the world, the Foundation is making New Zealand's national children's hospital a better place for everyone.

Donations are an extra to Government funding and provide a variety of initiatives such as building refurbishments, new technology, vital research, boosted family support, preventative programmes and staff training.  In addition to this, $1.5 million is needed annually to help fund the Starship National Air Ambulance Service.

As a charitable organisation, Starship Foundation exists through the generosity of its donors and supportive organisations in the community who lovingly donate money and/or time to assist in making Starship a world class medical facility.

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