Choking Prevention

Choking Prevention

Avoid giving your baby small hard foods or whole foods.


Take care - avoid giving your baby small hard foods or whole foods.  You can offer soft cooked whole foods or soft fruit in a mesh bag if you want to. 

Babies can choke on food quite easily because:

  • they have small air and food passages
  • they're still learning to move food around in their mouths
  • their biting, chewing and food-grinding skills are still developing

To lessen their risk of choking on food:

  • always make sure babies are sitting while they eat, and that someone is with them while they are eating or drinking
  • offer food that matches their chewing and grinding abilities
  • be aware of foods which are more likely to cause choking

Parents and caregivers need to learn choking first aid and CPR.

Talk to your Well Child nurse about it or check your Well Child Tamariki Ora 'My health book'.

This page last reviewed 05 June 2013.
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