Rheumatic Fever Care Plan

Rheumatic Fever Care Plan

A checklist to help you with your child's rheumatic fever treatment.


After talking with your child's nurse, you should be able to say yes to the following statements:

  • I understand what has happened to my child's heart
  • I have talked to my child's nurse about local support available to help me make my home warmer and drier
  • I have talked to a social worker, and a Māori, Pacific health and cultural support worker about what support is available for me and my family/whānau
  • I know what to do to get my child's next penicillin injection

My child's next penicillin injection

Time and date:
Nurse name:
Nurse contact details:

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See the page on rheumatic fever for information about causes, possible consequences, and treatment


The Paediatric Society of New Zealand is grateful to the Heart Foundation for providing the content for this page. The booklet 'Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease' was revised in July 2019.

This page last reviewed 13 May 2020.

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