Internet & Media

The media, including the internet, can have a powerful influence on your child's health and development. As with other areas of your child's life, providing guidance and setting clear limits is important. Find out about the steps you and your child can take to keep them safe online. 

Boy on his computer with father sitting next to him and looking on

Many children come across porn now, whether it’s by accident, a friend has shown them, or because they’re curious. Porn is easier to find than avoid. Over a quarter of children have seen porn by age 12. Having simple and age-appropriate conversations around porn with children is a great way to help protect and prepare them to navigate their online world.

The online world is changing rapidly, and chances are most teenagers will see, or have seen, pornography (porn). Talking about porn can feel awkward at first, but young people tell us that they want, and need, better porn conversations and support from adults. 

Whether you have small children or teens, they all need your support. Worried about what your kids are watching? Maybe you're questioning how much screen time they have. You can help them make good decisions by engaging with what they watch and play.

As tamariki (children) and rangatahi (young people) use more digital technology, it's important to teach them about online safety. Check some information and resources to help you keep your child safe while they are online, communicating and watching media.

Screen time has been linked to digital eye strain, dry eyes and short-sightedness. Lots of screen time can impact your child’s eye health. Find out more about screen time and eye health below.