Checking Your Child's Sore Throat

Checking Your Child's Sore Throat

There are lots of places you can get a sore throat checked.

Sore Throat Checks

Practice nurse Juanita To'o tells us what happens when you take a child to the sore throat clinic, and why it's important to take the full course of any antibiotics.
See the transcript at the Ministry of Health website.
A  video produced as part of the 'Stop sore throats hurting hearts' programme - New Zealand’s cross government prevention programme to reduce the incidence of rheumatic fever. 


Where can I go to get my child's sore throat checked?

There are lots of places you can get a sore throat checked.

Your doctor

You can go to your normal doctor or nurse. You may have to pay a fee - you can phone ahead to check. Let the receptionist know you have a child with a sore throat, just in case they have nurses available to respond quickly.

Your child's school

Your child's school may have a free sore throat checking programme. Contact the school to find out.


You can also call Healthline on 0800 611 116 if you have any immediate concerns about your child's sore throat.

What if my child has to take antibiotics for their sore throat?

If your child is given antibiotics, it's important they take the full 10-day course, even if they feel better. The antibiotics are to stop the sore throat turning into rheumatic fever.

How can keeping my home warm and dry help my child?

Keep your home warm and dry, and create as much space as possible to spread out around your home (rather than having to crowd in the same room).

Having more warm rooms and more sleeping spaces available means germs like strep throat are less likely to spread.

For tips that can make your home cheaper to heat and more comfortable to live in, see 'Keeping your home warm and dry'. Even following just a couple of will help protect your family from health problems.

Read about keeping your home warm and dry

This page last reviewed 05 March 2021.

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