Boy with measles rash on face

Measles is a serious disease and very easy to catch. Make sure your kids are immunised against measles. Talk to your family doctor or practice nurse.  

Vegetables cooking in a wok

Coeliac disease is common and can run in families. If your child has coeliac disease, they may have some symptoms or none at all. They'll need to follow a strict gluten-free diet.

GP talking about immunisation

A series of 10 short videos answering your questions about immunisation. Hastings mum and doctor, Dr Kiriana Bird, answers some common questions parents and whānau have about immunisation. If you're concerned about immunisation, knowing the facts can help you feel more confident about immunising your child. 

Oat the goat

Signs that might indicate your child is being bullied include tummy aches, nightmares, reluctance to go to school and loss of confidence. They may lose contact with friends and seem isolated. Find out what you can do if your child experiences bullying. Check out Oat the Goat - an interactive, online storybook, in English and te reo Māori. It aims to help 4-7 year old children learn skills that will prevent bullying.

Mother playing with her child

The flu is not the same as having a bad cold. The flu can be a serious and sometimes life-threatening infection. Yearly flu immunisation offers the best protection.

Graphic of child in a playground

Activity is just as important for your baby or young child as it is for older children - it helps them to learn and grow. Check out some resources to support young children to sit less, move more and sleep well.