Family violence

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Key points to remember

  • many families in New Zealand are affected by family violence
  • family violence is violence between people with a close personal relationship
  • family violence can take many forms; for example, if you feel afraid of your partner, controlled or always put down, this can also be family violence
  • psychological abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse
  • children who hear or see family violence can suffer long-term psychological harm
  • a Protection Order can be issued by the Family Court to protect you and your children from further domestic violence
  • if you or your children are affected by family violence, call the Family Violence Information Line on 0800 456 450 to find out about the organisations in your area who can help

Family violence resources

Are you OK?

It is OK to ask for help
Take a look pamphlet cover
Keeping our kids safe and secure pamphlet cover

For information about family violence, see:

The resources at the Family Violence - It's not OK website include:

For detailed information on family violence and Protection Orders, see:

Women's Refuge provides support and information when you are dealing with violence in your life. See their contact details and resources available in Child abuse (information and support). The Women's Refuge website has information about safety planning to help you think about how you might leave a violent situation, including:

For information about the Family Court, see:

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