COVID-19 Immunisation & Breastfeeding

COVID-19 Immunisation & Breastfeeding

There are no safety concerns about getting the COVID-19 vaccine if you're breastfeeding.


Key points about  COVID-19 immunisation and breastfeeding

  • if you are breastfeeding, you do not need to stop breastfeeding to receive the COVID-19 vaccine
  • there are no safety concerns about getting the COVID-19 vaccine if you're breastfeeding, for you or your baby
  • COVID-19 immunisation provides some protection against COVID-19 for your baby through your breastmilk 
  • COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Australia and New Zealand do not contain a live virus
  • if you are breastfeeding, you can talk about COVID-19 immunisation with your healthcare professional before having the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 immunisation and breastfeeding

COVID-19 immunisation and breastfeeding infographic


COVID-19 vaccine and breastfeeding infographic

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This page last reviewed 24 May 2024.

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