Eczema Care: Moisturisers Video Transcript

Eczema Care: Moisturisers Video Transcript


Video transcript for eczema care: moisturisers

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Diana Purvis (dermatologist, Starship Children's Hospital)

Kia ora Chrisziina, come in, come in girls.


Mere and Pounamu have eczema.

Using lots of moisturiser many times a day is really important for children like Mere and Pounamu.

The skin has a very important role in protecting us from the outside world. 

Diana Purvis (dermatologist, Starship Children's Hospital)

It's helpful to think of the skin as being like a brick wall which protects us from irritants and infections and even allergens. 

When you have active eczema this wall becomes leaky and this means that irritants and allergens can come in more easily causing further inflammation and worsening the eczema.


Regular and generous use of moisturisers reduces inflammation and supports the natural barrier function of the skin. 

Before applying creams for your child’s eczema, make sure your own hands are clean. 

[Sound of running water]

Skin with eczema can get infected easily so avoid putting your hands into a tub of cream. This can introduce infection.  It’s better to spoon out your moisturizer onto a dish or paper towel and use this cream to apply to your child’s skin. 

Diana Purvis (dermatologist, Starship Children's Hospital)

So you take your cream and I tend to dot it down the skin and then smooth it, and you smooth it with the way that the hair grows on the body. Because if you rub up and down it irritates the skin. So you just smooth it down like this and you can just leave it to soak in. You don't have to rub it all the way in.


Cream can be applied many times a day - at least twice a day but as often as 5 or 6 times  when eczema is active. 

For small babies it’s often convenient to apply creams with each nappy change. 

With an older child again apply moisturizer several times during the day - after a bath or shower and then 1 or 2 other times.  Apply the cream and smooth on down the arm or leg in the direction of the hair growth. 

Try and involve your child with putting on their own creams as much as possible so they get confident with putting them on themselves when they’re at school. 


Use lots of moisturiser.

Use it at least twice a day – more if possible.

Use it all over the body, including the face.

If your child still has red, itchy, active eczema please see your doctor or nurse.

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