Childhood Cancer

If your child is being tested for cancer, or has received a diagnosis, you might like to check the relevant sections below. There is information about cancer tests and treatment, helping your child manage pain, support available for you and your child, and help for any long-term health problems your child might have after treatment.

A portrait photo of a girl with cancer

An overview of the childhood cancer information available on KidsHealth.

If your child has had a recent cancer diagnosis, you'll probably want answers to some general questions - about how cancer develops, how it is treated and what terms like 'remission' actually mean.

Child cancer care is coordinated across New Zealand so that all tamariki (children) get the best available treatment wherever they live.

Keep a record of the people you may need to contact about your child's cancer care. This will include your child's treatment team, your local hospital as well as any other contacts you may need.

There are many childhood cancer topics and pages available on this website. Check out some quick links to the main sections.

Make sure you know what signs and symptoms you should be on the lookout for. It's good to have important numbers on hand in case your child with cancer becomes unwell.