Child on a swing

All young children have a limited attention span and sometimes do things without thinking. If these are severe enough to interfere with their learning and social relationships, in more than one setting, they can be a sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A woman holding a bottle or paracetamol

Too much paracetamol can harm your child. Always measure doses exactly and check the strength - there are different strengths. Find out about some temporary changes in the paracetamol brand available - the amount of medicine you give your child may change.

Blisters on the hand in a child with hand, foot and mouth disease

If your child has hand, foot and mouth disease, keep them at home if they are unwell or have blisters. Make sure your child doesn't go to childcare or school until all the blisters have dried.

Boy with measles rash on face

Measles is a serious disease and very easy to catch. Make sure your kids are immunised against measles. Talk to your family doctor or practice nurse.  

Boy lying down with thermometer in mouth

If your child has COVID-19, it can be a worrying time for you. But most children with COVID-19 will have a mild illness. Find out about how to care for your child at home and when to see a doctor.

If your child or someone in your house has COVID-19 symptoms, they need a rapid antigen test (RAT). Anyone can get a free pack of RATs from a range of locations, including testing sites, marae and pharmacies.