Did you know that fever actually helps your child's body fight off infection? A fever by itself does not indicate whether or not your child is seriously sick. Read more about fever.

Sick young boy lying in bed with a thermometer in his mouth and his mother's hand on his forehead
Doctor and child in doctor's consulting room

In the early years you and your child will need lots of help and advice about sickness and keeping healthy. It is very helpful to have a family doctor and practice nurse who get to know you and your child well.

A hand holding a thermometer in front of a little child in bed

The most common reason for a child to have a raised temperature is because they are fighting off an infection.

Father with his back to camera holding his crying unwell young child

Colds and fever are a normal part of childhood. Sometimes families worry about missing a more serious illness. Knowing your child and seeing a change in their behaviour could be the most important clue to how sick they are.