Health & Support Services

Find out about the health services for children in New Zealand - maternity care and support through pregnancy, labour and the first weeks of your child's life; the range of groups offering support for new parents; Plunket or another Well Child Tamariki Ora service; you and your child's general practice team. You might like to check out this section together with the Well Child care section.


A pregnant mother lying on her bed. Her young child is looking on as the lead maternity carer examines the mother's tummy

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Information on some of the financial support that may be available to you when raising your family.

Find out about the health services available to support you, your child and whānau.

Find out about the publicly funded health and disability services available for tamariki and whānau in New Zealand.

Your lead maternity carer will care for you while you are pregnant, during labour and birth and for 4 to 6 weeks after your baby is born. All maternity care is free unless you choose a specialist doctor.

In the early years you and your child will need lots of help and advice about sickness and keeping healthy. It is very helpful to have a family doctor and practice nurse who get to know you and your child well.

There is a wide range of groups in New Zealand which offer support and/or information for new parents. Each has its own special focus.