Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance Videos

Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance Videos

See some videos featuring Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance members talk about the Freedoms Project. They give personal examples of the Freedom they are speaking about - the Freedoms are about individual rights, human rights and the equitable treatment that all people deserve. 

Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance Video

Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance Video (Freedom to be accepted)


The voices of the Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance

"The freedom to pursue dreams to me is breaking personal boundaries, believing in yourself to push the limits of what you thought was possible. All my life since I was little I wanted to race cars. I had ideas of being able to compete with the best in the world, regardless of my disability. So, I had to spend countless hours at the gym to build up strength in the left side of my body so that I was in my best shape possible. I also had a raised platform on the left side of the car, as I don't have bugger all ankle movement on the left, so I can push the pedals hard enough. However, through determination and hard work, those ideas have slowly turned into reality and last year I came 3rd in the national championship for formula ford. So be bold, be brave, you only live once so hit the gas pedal and live a life you will be proud of."

Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance member Emma Cooper-Williams launches the 'Freedom to be Supported', another of the code of rights in which the Youth Alliance operates by. Emma speaks to the importance of being supported, but more importantly, having the freedom to access crucial support systems as individuals.

Youth Alliance member Manu gives a personal insight into the 'Freedom to have Access'. Listen as Manu speak about infrastructure not being in place to honour accessibility for disabled individuals, but also, the act of not being authentically accepted by society and other able bodied people.

Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance member Tim George speaks openly about how his awareness to have fun has had many benefits across his lifetime. Tim is a master of the arts and a creative being. He is a journalist, writer, multimedia communications specialist, podcast director and is a vocal advocate for the rights of individuals living with disability.

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