Support for childhood cancer

A listing of reliable, independent websites recommended by the New Zealand Children's Cancer Services. You need to discuss information obtained from the Internet with your doctor to check its relevance to your child's cancer.

When a child is getting ready to go home from hospital, feelings of excitement can be mixed with feelings of anxiety for everyone in the family. Going home for the first time after diagnosis can be an especially stressful time, because the situation is new. After discharge, help is available.

There are three Regional Health Schools in New Zealand, with administrative centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The priority for Regional Health Schools is to ensure that students with high health needs receive education, regardless of where they live or where they are receiving their health care.

Parents / caregivers benefit from being well prepared for unfamiliar activities, just as children do. Ask your child's nurse to describe the procedure. Ask as many questions as you need to gain a clear understanding of what is to happen and why.

The responses of individuals within a family when there is a diagnosis of cancer can cover a wide range of emotions; can vary in intensity and duration and can occur and recur unexpectedly. You and your family should know you are not alone and that support is available.

Play is important for children because of the way it helps them to understand their world. Play promotes learning, growth and development, relaxation, fun and socialisation.