Your child's teeth need to be looked after and valued. Find out how to care for their teeth when they are a baby, pre-schooler and through to their teenage years. 

Young girl brushing her teeth with another child brushing teeth in the backgroud
A dental therapist sitting in a chair

Photos and words to help you talk to your child about what happens when they visit a dental therapist.  

dentist examines child's teeth, child sitting in dentist's chair

Basic dental care is free in New Zealand for children from birth until they turn 18. Enrol your child as early as possible and keep taking them for regular dental check-ups. 

brushing baby's teeth

Pēpi will start getting their first teeth at around 6 months. Find out how you can look after them.

Mother brushing young child's teeth

Your child will have most of their baby teeth by the age of 2. Find out how you can look after them when they are toddlers and pre-schoolers.

children brushing their teeth

Your child will start to lose their primary or baby teeth around the age of 6 and will have all their adult teeth (except for wisdom teeth) by the age of 14. Find out what to expect and how to care for their teeth.   

water in a glass, tap

Community water fluoridation is an effective, safe and affordable way to prevent and reduce tooth decay for everyone.

Young child brushing their teeth

It's important to take good care of your child's teeth by brushing them twice a day and taking them for regular dental checkups. Parents share their tips and tricks for successful toothbrushing sessions. 

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