Financial help for raising a family

Financial help for raising a family

Information on some of the financial support that may be available to you when raising your family: Paid Parental Leave, Parental Tax Credit, Domestic Help, Community Services Card, Working for Families package and Child Support.

Financial help you may be entitled to

The Inland Revenue website has a section Individuals and families.

It provides information on the following:

Paid Parental Leave

This is a payment for working mothers while they take parental leave. For information about eligibility and the amount you can claim, call Employment New Zealand on 0800 20 90 20 or see information about Paid Parental Leave, on Employment New Zealand website.

Parental Tax Credit

This is part of the Working for Families package (see the section Working for Families). It helps with the costs of a new baby. For information on entitlement and the amount you may be able to claim, contact Inland Revenue on 0800 227 773 or see information on the Parental Tax Credit on the Inland Revenue website. You can receive either Paid Parental Leave or Parental Tax Credit. You can't get both payments at the same time.

Home Help

You may be able to get Home Help to help with costs if:

  • you've had a multiple birth, or
  • you have a domestic emergency, or
  • you need help with things like laundry, housework, cooking or childcare

Unless you've had a multiple birth, your income and assets must be under a certain limit to be eligible.

For more information, visit the Work and Income website or call Work and income on 0800 559 009. 

Community Services Card

The Community Services Card can help you and your family with the costs of health care. You'll pay less for some health services and prescriptions. If you have not received one, and think you should have, please phone Work and Income on 0800 999 999.

You can also visit the Work and Income website for:

Working for Families

Working for Families is a package which pays extra money to many New Zealand families working and raising a family. 

There are 4 different types of payments called Working for Families Tax Credits. You may be entitled to one or more of the Tax Credits. It depends on how much you earn, where your income is from and how many children you have.

The 4 payments (tax credits) are:

  • the family tax credit
  • in-work tax credit
  • minimum family tax credit
  • parental tax credit

If you receive a benefit from Work and Income, you are only entitled to the family tax credit. Work and Income also pay this.

If you receive a benefit, see the Inland Revenue website for:

For more information about Working for Families Tax Credits, call Inland Revenue on 0800 227 773 or visit:

Child Support

This is financial support paid by a parent not living with their child. See the Inland Revenue website for information about Child Support, or call 0800 221 221.

What if my child has a disability or chronic condition?

Financial support may be available because of your child's special needs. See financial help when your child has a disability or chronic condition.

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