Getting A Breastfeeding Assessment

Getting A Breastfeeding Assessment

If you are worried about how your baby is feeding, ask to have a breastfeeding assessment.


How can I get a breastfeeding assessment?

If you are worried about how your baby is feeding, ask to have a breastfeeding assessment.

Your midwife or lead maternity carer (LMC) can refer you to a lactation consultant for an assessment. A lactation consultant is a professionally trained breastfeeding specialist.

The referral process will vary across the country and your midwife/LMC will know who to refer you to in your area.

You can also talk to a PlunketLine nurse on 0800 933 922. Calls are free and PlunketLine is available 24/7. They'll do an assessment and can book you an online appointment with one of Plunket's lactation consultants.

These breastfeeding consultations are free and available for all breastfeeding women - even if Plunket isn't your WellChild provider.

Find out more about the free lactation consultant service through PlunketLine

You can also check SmartStart to find breastfeeding support services in your area

What happens during the breastfeeding assessment?

During the assessment, a lactation consultant will talk to you about your baby's feeding. They will watch your baby breastfeeding and adjust your breastfeeding technique if necessary. 

You and your baby can have a breastfeeding assessment as early as 2 days after they are born if your baby has severe feeding problems. Talk to your midwife if you are worried.

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This page last reviewed 30 May 2022.

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