There is no immunisation to protect against COVID-19, but you can protect your child against other serious diseases like whooping cough and measles. Immunisation remains a priority for whānau during all COVID-19 alert levels.

A page from an online book - animated children standing in a line and holding on to a cord

Looking for something to help your child make sense of coronavirus (COVID-19)? Check these resources - from videos for kids about the science behind coronavirus to online stories that can be important conversation starters in your household. The resources cover the range of Alert Levels in New Zealand. 

A mother and her toddler

All children from 6 months of age can benefit from yearly flu immunisation. It is especially important for children with certain long-term health conditions. It's also important for women in pregnancy. 

Bronchiolitis New Zealand

Bronchiolitis is a chest condition that causes breathing problems in babies. It's very easy to catch so wash your hands before and after handling your baby.

Boy with a virus blowing his nose into a tissue

COVID-19 is a new virus that can affect your lungs and airways. There are simple steps you can take to protect you and your whānau. 

A baby doll in a bath

There are 3 really important steps when caring for your child with eczema: using lots of moisturiser; bathing once a day and using steroids when your child's skin has active eczema. Watch the video to see these steps in action.