Sample Meal Plan For 8 To 12 Months

Sample Meal Plan For 8 To 12 Months

Some suggestions for meals and snacks from 8-12 months.



  • porridge (with breast milk or formula), and stewed apple or
  • yoghurt with soft chopped fruit or
  • toast fingers with a little butter or margarine and mashed banana


  • toast fingers with grilled grated cheese and yeast-based spread or
  • mashed potato with minced or finely chopped meat, chicken or grated cheese or
  • chopped well-cooked pasta with mashed vegetables and mashed cooked dried peas, beans or lentils


  • minced or finely chopped beef, lamb or chicken, or mashed cooked dried peas, beans or lentils, with
  • mashed kūmara, potato, pumpkin, taro or yam or
  • rice and mashed vegetables 

Drinks and snacks

Between meals, offer milk (breast or formula) and small healthy snacks

  • pieces of soft ripe fruit (such as kiwifruit, orange, apricot)
  • toast fingers with mashed avocado or cooked grated cheese
  • grated raw carrot or apple
  • puffed crispbread

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