Keeping Baby Safe When Eating Video Transcript

Keeping Baby Safe When Eating Video Transcript


Video transcript for keeping your baby safe when eating

[Music throughout video]


Safety's important when your baby's eating. Make sure your baby's well-secured in a high chair, or on your lap.

[Sounds of high chair straps being buckled]

[Baby sounds]


An adult needs to stay close and watch to deal with any problems like choking or a reaction to food. 

[Muffled background conversation]


Never leave your baby alone with food.


He doesn't have time for games when it comes to eating. He just likes the spoon constantly going in.

[Background laughter]

Mum 2

Um but I think that will come later.


Find out about foods that are more likely to cause choking. And don't offer small hard foods, such as whole nuts and large seeds.

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