Transcript - Measles Immunisation Animation

Transcript - Measles Immunisation Animation


Video transcript for animation on measles immunisation

Protect your tamariki from measles - it can be very dangerous. Measles spreads faster than almost any other disease.

Measles can cause:

  • high fever
  • cough
  • runny nose
  • sore red eyes
  • a rash starting on the head and moving down the body.

Tamariki can get so sick that they need to go to hospital. Some children can die from measles.

Immunisation rates are low for all tamariki in Aotearoa. They are very low in Māori and Pasifika babies and children.

This means there is a real risk of measles spreading widely and affecting Māori and Pasifika tamariki the most.

Now's the time to protect tamariki. 2 doses of the measles vaccine gives the best protection.

If you're not sure whether your child has had measles immunisation, check with your Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse or your GP practice.

If you still don't know, it's safe for your child to get 2 doses again.

Measles immunisation is free from GP practices and Māori and Pacific immunisation providers.

This page last reviewed 11 May 2023.

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