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The 'Eczema Hub' gives you easy access to all KidsHealth eczema content developed and approved by the Paediatric Society NZ's Eczema Clinical Network, Te Rōpū Kiripai Hapori.

How to care for eczema in 3 easy steps

KidsHealth eczema video


Eczema in children

Eczema is a dry skin condition. You can easily manage most eczema at home but it needs care every day. There is no cure for eczema - just good management.

3 easy steps when caring for your child with eczema

There are 3 really important steps when caring for your child with eczema: using lots of moisturiser; bathing once a day and using steroids when your child's skin has active eczema. Watch the video to see these steps in action.  

How using moisturiser helps children with eczema

Find out how you can reduce eczema's impact on your child's quality of life. Use lots of moisturiser - at least twice a day, more if possible. Use it all over the body, including the face.

How bathing once a day can help children with eczema

Bathing can be really helpful for children with eczema. Bathing once a day helps to clean the skin and prepares the skin for creams after the bath.

When and how to use bleach baths for your child with eczema

Antiseptic baths 2 times a week can help prevent infection and improve eczema. Bleaches come in different strengths - see the instructions for how much to use.

When and how to use steroid creams for children with eczema

If your child's skin has active eczema and is red and itchy, topical steroids can help to soothe that and allow the skin to heal and become comfortable again. You use steroid creams alongside other important eczema treatments, particularly moisturisers and avoidance of soap.

Eczema action plan

An eczema action plan in English and Samoan. You can take this with you when you see your child's doctor.

Eczema myths and the facts

Check out some common myths about eczema and find out the facts.

Eczema and food allergy - fast facts

Fast facts on eczema and food allergy - from clinical immunology and allergy specialists in Australia and New Zealand.

Eczema expert advice - 4 part live chat video series

Watch a 4 part live chat skin series - expert advice about eczema.

Eczema and skin conditions - questions and answers with an expert

Watch a video live chat with a children's skin doctor. She answers some common eczema and skin care questions from parents.


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