Managing Asthma In Children & Young People

Managing Asthma In Children & Young People

In a series of videos, high school students talk about managing asthma, playing sport and what to do when they have an asthma attack.

Asthma management

A young student goes to his doctor about his asthma. His doctor explains that even though there's no cure for asthma, you can manage the condition well. The doctor gives advice and tips for managing asthma.

Asthma NZ video 


Managing asthma

In this Asthma NZ video, Sione starts to have an asthma attack after playing sports. His friends encourage him to get on top of his asthma medicine. They talk about sports stars with asthma, like Julian Savea and David Beckham. His friends say if these sports stars can play 80 or 90-minute games, then so can Sione.

Asthma spacers

In this Asthma NZ video, a high school student with asthma tells her friend how a spacer helps her breathe the asthma medicine in properly so that it gets into her lungs.

Asthma and sport

In this Asthma NZ video, a high school student who has asthma and plays netball talks about how she used to be embarrassed about her asthma. Some kids at school teased her and she used to try to hide it when she used a spacer. She talked to her coach and the team and they were really cool about it. They sorted out a plan and now the school student's game is better than ever.

Asthma first aid

In this Asthma NZ video, a high school student starts having an asthma attack while dancing with friends. Her friend brings her spacer to her and the video goes through step by step what to do in an asthma attack.

Asthma mythbusters

In this Asthma NZ video, high school students provide the facts in answer to some common myths about asthma and asthma medicines.

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The videos on this page are a collaboration between Asthma NZ and Raise Up. Our thanks to them for giving permission to share them on KidsHealth. 


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