Feeding Your Baby Away From Home

Feeding Your Baby Away From Home

Don't make up formula in advance because harmful bacteria can grow in it.


What to do about formula when you're away from home

Don't make formula up in advance - harmful bacteria can grow in it.

Before leaving home

  • measure the correct amount of cooled, boiled water for one feed into a cleaned bottle and firmly screw the lid on (the bottle should be sterilised if your baby is under 6 months)
  • put the correct amount of formula powder in a cleaned container (the container should be sterilised if your baby is under 6 months)
  • prepare an extra bottle of water and enough extra powder (in a second container) to allow for delays

At feeding time

  • mix the water and powder only when your baby needs a feed
  • if you are travelling by car, stop to feed your baby
  • when your baby is over 6 months, they may need extra drinks of water on a long trip, especially in summer

If you are travelling and need to take prepared formula

Don't warm it before you travel. Put the prepared formula in a chilly bin or insulated bag and use it within 2 hours.

Watch the video and find out how to make baby's formula

This page last reviewed 21 November 2022.

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