How To Wash & Sterilise Feeding Equipment

How To Wash & Sterilise Feeding Equipment

A checklist on washing and sterilising feeding equipment.


Washing feeding equipment

Fill the sink with warm soapy water:

  • use the bottle brush to clean the bottles inside and out
  • use the teat brush to clean the teats inside and out
  • wash any other items used (such as bottle caps, kitchen tongs, measuring jug)
  • make sure you remove all traces of milk when cleaning the bottles and teats

Rinse everything well in hot water and leave them to air dry.

Sterilising by boiling or steaming or with chemicals

If sterilising by boiling:

  • fill a large pot with water
  • place all the washed items in the water, making sure no air is trapped and everything is covered with water
  • put the lid on and heat the water until it comes to a rolling boil
  • turn the stove off and keep the pot covered until you need the items

When you need to make up a feed, wash and dry your hands thoroughly and use the sterilised tongs to lift items out of the pot. If you remove items before you need them, cover and store them in a clean place - put the bottles together with a teat inside and a lid on.

If sterilising by steam or with chemicals, follow the manufacturer's instructions when using:

  • steam (in an electric or microwave steam steriliser), or
  • chemicals (sterilising tablets or solution)

Watch the video and find out about washing and sterilising formula equipment

This page last reviewed 21 November 2022.

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